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PRX-T33: A Painless, Effective Facial Treatment! This biorevitalizer helps bring back the skin's natural radiance by stimulating cell renewal and regeneration in the basal layer of the skin.

This is the PERFECT therapy for Spring/Summer! This treatment doesn't make your skin extra sensitive to sunlight!

This does not cause heavy peeling or peel away the top layer of the skin! No needles or injections!

PRX-T33 provides visible, immediate results like smoother, firmer skin with fewer blemishes and reduced signs of aging. Firm your skin and stimulate skin regeneration without any damage or pain.

Addresses Multiple Skin Issues:

Fades scars and acne marks, Minimizes dialated pores, Minimizes melasma, Prevents dull skin, Has anti-aging benefits, and Fads stretch marks.

4 Sessions are recommended, may be treated weekly-every 20 days.

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