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PRP with Microneedling

  • 1 hour 30 minutes
  • 300 US dollars
  • West U.S. 52

Service Description

What is PRP Therapy? PRP therapy is a unique treatment that harnesses the power of platelets, which are well-known for their ability to stimulate cell reproduction, tissue regeneration, and collagen production. During a PRP therapy treatment, one of our experienced staff members will draw your blood and place it in a machine called a centrifuge. This machine rapidly spins the blood to separate the platelets from other components, leaving behind platelet-rich plasma, or what we like to call “liquid gold.” Increase Collagen Production Microneedling with PRP therapy is a powerful collagen stimulator. When the microneedling pen injures the skin, this stimulates the body’s natural healing process, including increased collagen production. Paired with PRP therapy, this process is significantly amplified for better, faster results and stronger, healthier collagen.

Cancellation Policy

Please be courteous and inform us no less then 24 hours of your cancellation request prior to you scheduled appointment .

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